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Wassup guys! Jus wanted to make a quick inspo post for y’all. A little over a year ago I completely switched up my whole lifestyle going from working a full-time job in retail And going to school full-time to finishing my degree and leaving my job to figure out what I wanted to do next. Not everybody has the opportunity to just drop their job without having back up but I was just in a really bad place in life and just so unhappy with a lot of things and at the time my job was one of those so my gut told me to leave my job and I that’s what I did. I’ve always been a hustler growing up with a single mom and always being stressed about money. At this point I knew I still had to make some kind of money and also figure out what I wanted to do. After being a club promoter for a few months I found something that I really love to do which wasn’t promoting but DJing and throwing events. I wasn’t crazy about the Boston club scene personally with the type of music and type of vibe that I personally like and I wanted to change that and create the vibe. Since then I started my own entertainment company @d2rentertainment and started picking up more DJ gigs and getting great opportunities (always so grateful for everyone who has given me opportunities & helped me)With an open mind I have worked so hard to make these events happen and Also get myself into the door, network, and opportunities have been coming. This was not easy and it’s still not easy on a daily basis trying to make my dreams a reality and jus always being in the right state of mind. I’ve cut off a lot of people in my life, distanced myself from others, and for once put myself FIRST. As hard as things can be I know that in the long term this will make me the happiest and that’s all that matters to me because I know I can make a change and be my best self as should everyone. With that being said, CHASE YA FUCKING DREAMS AND DONT LET ANYONE TELL YOU CANT. - Tori Doublecup 💜✨🤟
Happy fathers day💜 still doesn’t feel like you’re not here anymore, but maybe it’s just cuz you made me who I am and I feel you with me every day. I wish you could see what I’m doing right now but I’m sure you are watching down on me. Love you dad🦋💜👼
Thnx for the cute pix @babyelsss & thnx to @emilyquinlann for lookin cute in the back
#pvrple at good life tonight 🍇
Y’all praisin bitches that doin the minimum, they put that check in my hand, now I’m killin em 😈
Issa beautiful day 🦋
You’re slacking if you don’t pull up to #pvrple at @goodlifebar tomorrow night! Can’t wait to spin with the homies @babyelsss @suprsprt @djknife and special guest @damegrease129 ☔️ Come turn up at the hottest underground trap and hip hop party in Boston. DM me for guest list 🍇🍇🍇
Poppin on my own 🥶
Prob gonna delete cuz the quality sux but i liked my fit 😝
Pvrple is back next friday and I’m spinning with all the homies🤟 @damegrease129 will be headlining the night and if you don’t know pvrple, there will be str8 trap and underground music all night 😈🍇
I’m a finesser, & I’m a fly dresser
Remy had me moshing at boston calling yesterday 😭 had fun with the ganggg✨💕